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The InOurCommunity Mission:

  • To be your place to go to be in the know about our community, with content that changes frequently.
  • To award members with CommunityPoints™ for reading, sharing, participating or providing feedback on community happenings.
  • To provide cool rewards and experiences to redeem your points for.
  • To provide money saving offers and discounts in our community.
  • To provide our area businesses with an affordable place to advertise.

How it Works

Earning Points

You earn points for taking a variety of actions:

  1. Earn just for reading something. Read the brief content in any category and then click the "I'll Read This" button. You will then be awarded points and the button will change to "I've Read This", so you'll know you've been there.
  2. Earn for sharing something. If you've learned something interesting or important share it with your friends or followers and earn bonus points.
  3. Earn for entering codes. CommunityCodes are words you'll find around town on signs or on cards that are handed out at events. When you enter a code you'll receive a large bonus points and you may be entered into a sweepstakes.
  4. Earn for having fun or providing feedback. Every week you'll find some type of community trivia or survey. Answer these and you'll earn lots of points, even more if you're correct!
  5. Earn for clicking on logos. Logos on the site are more than just an image. Click on a logo you'll earn points and be taken to a website, coupon or offer.
  6. Earn for reading the weekly eNewsletter. The weekly eNewsletter is a quick summary of new ways to earn and redeem points. You'll earn significant points each week just for opening it.

Ways to Earn Points

Getting Rewarded

There are three different ways to use the points you've earned:
  1. Auctions, a fun and competitive way to use points.

    Auctions allow you to place a bid on a reward, typically allowing you to win it for fewer points than simply redeeming-it-now. When you bid on an auction your points are taken from your account total and held in escrow. If another member outbids you your points are instantly returned to your account and you'll be notified via e-mail.

  2. Sweepstakes, as straightforward as it gets.

    Each Sweepstakes will have a timeframe and a quantity of points per entry. When you exchange points for entries, you will NOT receive those points back.

  3. Redeem-it-now, for immediate gratification.

    A selection of rewards for which you can directly redeem your points. No waiting for auctions to close, but supplies are limited, so don't hesitate to redeem!

Earn great rewards

Keeping Track of your Points

The My Account tab is a running transaction register of every way that you've earned or redeemed points. The net total of these transaction is displayed in the My Points "odometer" on the top menu bar.

Points Counter

Look for the "All About InOurCommunity" tile in the Earn section of the site for on-going user-tips and pointers. Thanks for being a member of the community!